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Courtesy Script by Sudtipos.

Courtesy captures the elegance and propriety of finely practiced Spencerian penmanship, in particular the Zanerian school. Its lowercase is notably understated, a simple monoline with very wide connections that ease readability. In the capitals, Courtesy adds variety in both the weight of the strokes, and in degrees of flourish — from merely fancy to over-the-top engrossery.

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A pinch of design

Greg Coulton is a designer and a typographer from London, UK. Working for 12 years as a graphic designer gives him a sort of experience and let him find his own characteristic style of creating. Drawing has always been his number one creative passion - even when instinctively working out concepts and ideas using pen and paper. For him typography is like a vehicle moving and motivating him every day. The precise and fine detailled artworks show it to us. Enjoy his work!

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